Large Shade Trees & Conifers

Recognizing that a shade tree or a large evergreen is a lasting commitment, we encourage you to visit one of our sales yards to select your tree. Our selection of varieties is extensive and we offer sizing that enables you to either start small, or go big! Talk to our experts about delivery and installation services for trees and large evergreens.

A large selection of Shade Trees is available at our Sales yards in Waterdown, Newmarket and Trenton. 

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Maidenhair Tree

Maidenhair Tree

Gingko Biloba

A true 150 million year old relic with uniquely fan-shaped leaves. Absolutely beautiful form and habit of growth, golden fall color. Female plants produce fruit which smells foul when decomposing, be sure to choose male plants for landscape use. 


Not available for purchase online. Please visit one of our Sales Yards for more information.


Full sun

Mature Size

17m H x 11m Spread





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