Our Warranty


• Applies to perennials, ornamental grasses and groundcovers.
• Applies to nursery stock with (N) or (SW) on the label or invoice description.
• Valid if a plant dies within the season of purchase: date of purchase to end of the current calendar year.
• Prior to 2021, indicated with (N) on label or invoice description.


• Applicable to most shrubs and trees purchased at regular retail pricing.
• Applicable to Potted Trees up to, and including a size of 40mm caliper.
• Valid if a warrantied plant dies within three (3) years date of purchase.


• Trees with a Seasonal Warranty (SW) or (N) are warrantied for one (1) year when planted by Connon Nurseries.
• Potted Trees 45mm or larger, and Wire Basket (WB) Trees planted by Connon Nurseries are warrantied for three (3) years.
• Valid if warrantied plant dies within its warranty period. Warranty procedure requires the plant to be returned to Connon Nurseries for confirmation. Warranty is applicable to the original purchase price only. Reimbursement of original purchase price is issued by credit note. No refunds are issued.


Plants can be exceptional! Some plants require specific or specialized care to succeed. Due to the nature of our living products, Warranty is not applicable to ANY of the following:

• Grower Direct or Trade Account purchases.
• Annuals, vegetables, herbs, houseplants, water plants and tropical patio plants.
• Trees that are purchased in a Wire Basket (WB) or potted 45mm or larger.
• Animal damage, acts of nature, chemical or fertilizer damage or misuse.
• Naturally occurring variances in shape, foliage, or growth habit.
• Plants that have been kept in pots or planted in raised planters/containers.
• Sale or discounted items. Plants purchased with credit notes issued for warranty claims are not warrantied.


For more warranty information please contact onlineorders@connon.ca