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It's All About the Birds & the Bees! Newmarket

It's All About the Birds & the Bees! Newmarket

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Now that we have your attention, please note that this is an hour that is actually about birds, bees, butterflies and pollinators! How to attract them, nourish them, and encourage them to flourish within your garden will be covered in this segment. Our experts will share the plants that help to support this ever-important group of workhorses that we rely upon for a multitude of reasons. Whether a small space, patio pots, or a large landscape; welcoming pollinators with plants is easy and rewarding.

Saturday May 6. 10:30am - Newmarket Sales Yard

Space is limited. To reserve your place, a $10 non-refundable registration fee applies. Attend your session and you’ll receive a $10 Connon Nurseries gift card.

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